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Settimana Senza Frontiere 2015 (english)


6 MAY – 19h ROOM P1 – CUBE 40C
“Can South of the World countries elaborate their own
development model and become autonomous and independent
from western countries?”
We’ll explain how Engineering Without Borders approaches cooperation,
through the experience of students who worked in projects in
Madagascar and in the Palestinian refugee camp of Shatila in Lebanon.


11 MAY –  19h ROOM P1 – CUBE 40C
“Can waste become a resource?”
The production rate of waste is a number that is steadily growing. In
this workshop we’ll work together to experience how to give a new life
to unused objects, and make them useful and functional again.


14 MAY –  19h ROOM P1 – CUBE 40C
“Is it possible to ensure a good, healthy, sufficient and
sustainable nutrition to all mankind?”
This is the opening question of the Expo2015 challenge. The same
question will close the third edition of the Week Without Borders trying
to elaborate our own idea of sustainable nutrition made in Unical.

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